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Standard Terms & Conditions

Installation Work:

(a) All electrical installation work will comply with BS7671:2011 and any amendments in force at the time of the works.

(b) All electrical installation work will comply with applicable Building Regulations in force at the time of the works.

(c) Where work is to extend, or modify existing circuits, costs quoted assume that the existing installation is in adequate condition and complies with minimum current regulations. Any works found required to bring the necessary parts of the existing installation up to standard will be at additional cost.

(d) Unless stated otherwise, all cables will be concealed by chasing into the building fabric or concealed in building voids, under floors, etc. Where impracticable, cabling will be neatly surface run, either clipping direct or housed in trunking / conduit.

(e) Where carpets are required lifting to allow concealed installation work, no charge is made for this service, with best endeavours being made to avoid damaging them and to refit them to an acceptable standard. However, consideration of employing a specialist fitter may be prudent, at your cost to affect a fully satisfactory reinstatement.

(f) Unless agreed beforehand, chases to walls etc will be left unfilled. Plastering and final skim work ie excluded from the quote. If the walls appear to be blown, it may be advisable to get a quote for full plastering.

(g) All endeavours will be made to undertake installation work to a clean standard, using dust sheets and vacuum cleaning equipment as necessary. Some additional vacuuming and cleaning of surfaces should be expected afterwards.

(h) Whilst undertaking the installation work at the property, the client is required to provide water and power free of charge.

(i) Electrical Installation Certificates, Minor Works Certificates, and Building Control notifications issued by Hunters Electrical cover those works installed by Hunters Electrical.

(j) Where work include the installation of a new consumer unit (fuse board), under Part P building regulations, it is a legal requirement that the whole installation be tested to ensure it is safe to connect to the new unit. The basic cost for this is included in the installation cost. Any faults found during the above testing which is deemed to be unsafe, must be rectified prior to the circuit being reconnected to any new consumer unit. Any costs for such work will be in addition to any previously quoted figure. Such issues will be brought to the client’s attention as soon as practical during works. In particular it may be necessary to install new main services bonding to water, gas, this is especially common in properties built during or prior to the 1970’s.


(a) Clearing and / or moving of furniture and other items blocking access to work areas are not included. (unless agreed between the contractor and customer beforehand)

(b) If any rooms have laminate or vinyl flooring where sockets or access to lights below is require, the laminate or vinyl will need to be removed before we can work in these rooms. Consideration of employing a specialist may be prudent, at your cost to effect a satisfactory removal and reinstatement.

(c) Please make sure all rooms are free and clear of furniture, this will help speed up the work. If rooms are not clear this may result in the job being delayed, and may incur additional charges to clear the rooms

(d) Re-decoration and final making good is excluded from quoted costs, unless specifically detailed as included.

(e) Removal from site and disposal of rubble, fittings, wiring, materials, general waste and packaging is not included, we can hire a skip but at an additional cost to the customer. (rewires only)

(e) Any decorative fittings i.e. sockets, switches & light fittings are not included in the quote to install, (see Pricing) all fixtures and fittings quoted are white plastic and light pendants

Extras and Variations:

(a)All extras and variations must be agreed in writing prior to commencement. Extra’s include any decorative fitting, and light fittings, a cost will be agreed before these are fitted.


(a) The costs quoted assume continuous and unhindered access to the site by prior arrangement with you.

(b) Any delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, which results in additional site time, travelling or other costs will be charged at the going rate at the time.

(c) Unless stated otherwise, the costs quoted assume standard working hours between the hours of 08:00 hrs - 16:00 hrs Monday to Friday inclusive. Work required outside these hours may attract out of hours’ premium rates.

(d) Any additional work not covered in our quoted costs will attract additional time charge rate of £24.00 per hour plus materials cost and VAT.

(e) All figures quoted are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

(f) All figures quoted are valid for a date of 30 days from the date of the estimate or quotation.

(g) Day rates are £195.00 per day for first man and £95.00 per day for second man unless a fixed Price is agreed before work starts

(h) We make every effort to maintain quoted prices, revisions may be necessary due to circumstances beyond our control i.e manufacturer price increases etc.

Deviations from Building Regulations and BS7671:

(a) All work where applicable, will be executed fully in compliance with applicable Building Regulations and BS7671 in force at the time of the work, particularly in respect of work in dwellings to allow the legal Part P obligations to be met. Where a Client requires deviation from such regulations, a written instruction and record will be required.

Risk and Title of Goods:

(a) The risk in all goods supplied shall pass to the Client upon delivery.

(b) All goods supplied shall remain property of Hunters Electrical Contractors until all sums due have been paid in full.

(c) The client is responsible for ensuring that the property is insured for the duration of the works.


(a) Hunters Electrical warrants its installation work to be defect free for a period of 12 months from final invoice date. Such cover does not include electrical goods not supplied by Hunters Electrical, physical damage to products, lamps, or any instance where the original installation has been altered or tampered with by third parties.


(a) Unless agreed in writing, payments in full must be made on completion of the specified works to Hunters Electrical Contractors.

(b) Larger projects or projects involving a separate first and second fix will require staged payments comprising of a deposit, interim payment and final payment on completion. If the completion of first/second fix is delayed by more than two weeks, we have the right to invoice for works completed to that point. And will pro-rata the invoice accordingly. If applicable, such staged payments will be advised as part of the quotations.

(c) In the event of any non-payment, Hunters Electrical reserve the right to withhold any certificates for the work carried out until such payments are made.

(d) Payment for work where the total value is less than £500.00, shall be subject to invoice after the completion of the works. Payment for works where the total value of the work is between £500.00 and £4500.00 shall be by three stages, unless alternative arrangements are agreed in writing beforehand.

(e) The first payment shall be made prior to the commencement of the work and shall consist of 40% of the value of the job. The second payment of 30% shall be made by the customer when the work is at the half way point, and the balance to be paid when the work is completed. Payment will become due on demand.

(f) Failure to pay will incur and interest charge of 3% per month until full payment is received.

(g) Payments taken are Bank Transfer, Cash, or Card, or Cheques. Any payment made by cheque or card payments must clear before work starts. All card payment will incur a 2.5% transaction fee.

Cancellation of Contract:

(a) A minimum 5 days’ notice is required for cancellations of the work.

(b) In the event cancellation is made with less than 5 days’ notice, Hunters Electrical will deem this to be a short notice cancellation and has the right to charge in full for labour component of cancelled works.

(c) In the event that our electrician arrives on site at the agreed time/slot and are unable to gain access, we will consider this too to be a short notice cancellation and will charge as per b above.

(d) We will try to return all unused materials to the wholesalers at no cost to the client unless charged a restocking fee by the wholesalers. Certain special order nonstandard items will be non- returnable and will be charged in full to the client and delivered on payment.

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Really impressed with the work carried out by Hunters Electrical Solutions. They arrived on time and worked their socks off until the job was complete.

September 18th 2019

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Would not hesitate to recommend these guys. Work was done to a fantastic standard and the quote they originally gave me was stuck to. A*

September 28th 2019

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My colleuge in work strongly recommended Hunters Electrical Solutions, and they lived up to expectations. Could't fault them one bit! Thanks Guys!

December 11th 2019

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